Frequently Asked Questions
What time is check-in/check-out?
We have a self-check-in process that takes away the fuss of coordinating your arrival and departure. We invite you to check-in any time after 3 p.m.. Check-out is by 11 a.m. (unless otherwise specified). There is no formal check-out process. We simply ask you turn off heated blankets, heaters, coffee makers, AC, lights and return furnishings to their original location We will bill your card on file for any incidentals. If you are staying down at the farmhouse we do ask you leave no dirty dishes behind– dishes must we washed or loaded into the dishwasher, trash must be taken out, and AC returned to original temperature.
Are children allowed?
Tipis make for a great family adventure! While we do welcome families we leave it up to parents to decide if the experience is suitable for their children. There is no baby/child-proofing in place, so it’s important to keep watch of little ones at all times. The tipi experience is similar to camping at a park so keep in mind gravel paths, wildlife, stairs, hilly areas, weather, etc. The farmhouse also welcomes little ones. We have a pack-and-play, bouncer, tub, and high chair to help lighten the travel load.
Noise restraints?
While we are in the country, we do have neighbors. We ask that you respect quiet hours from sundown-8 a.m. Please keep your electronics, music, and human activities at a low volume. We take noise complaints seriously in order to be able to be mindful and respectful of our neighbors and the environment.
Is there Wifi/Cell phone signal?
We have limited Wifi at the farmhouse and bathhouse area. We pay for Wifi service but please keep in mind due to our rural location it can be slow and occasionally go out with bad weather. There is NO cellphone signal on-site, so we do recommend enabling WiFi calling or planning to disconnect :). Oeste is perfect for disconnecting! If you foresee yourself needing more wifi capabilities we can add extra data capacity during your visit at an extra cost.
Do you provide food or drinks?
We do not but we have killer recommendations for eateries and local watering holes! There are also tons of places that can provide catering in the area and our spaces are equipped for basic cooking.
What’s the bathroom situation?
We have a bathhouse with individual stalls four toilet stalls and four shower stalls as well as two full bathrooms at the farmhouse. The only thing to keep in mind is that we are on a septic system. No flushing of ANYTHING down toilets other than toilet paper, ones, and twos. Anything else can damage the septic system. Please be advised, you will be charged if a septic pump is required because of negligence. The septic rules apply to the house as well.
Are pets allowed?
Yes, we are pet-friendly! We allow well-behaved pets as long as they are picked up after, kept off the furniture, and do not bother other guests. Basically, just be a responsible pet owner! This is a very small request considering dogs stay free. If any damage occurs, please let us know so we can take care of it accordingly. You will be billed for any extra cleanup resulting from your pet, so please clean up after them.
Do you provide firewood?
We do not provide firewood as it can be hard to keep up with the demand. In case you would like firewood during your stay, we do sell some onsite, but please consult beforehand to make sure we can provide enough. We also ask the guests to respect burn bans and extinguish fires left unattended.
Do you take care of event logistics?
No, our focus and expertise is in lodging! Oeste was designed primarily to be a lodging space, not an event space. In the case you choose to host your event at Oeste please keep in mind that you will need help and time for event setup, during the event, and event breakdown. Things to keep in mind are electricity requirements, refrigeration for food, bathroom upkeep during the event, trash takeout during/after the event, parking and weather. We do not offer additional services of any sort other than a turn-key lodging experience and the typical cleaning for the lodging spaces upon checkout. We do recommend hiring help during the event to keep up with trash take-out, keeping bathrooms tidy, and overseeing the cleanup after your event. If you use our anything on the property for your event (furnishings, kitchen items, etc.) we do require you to replace them to their original location or you will be charged an additional cleaning fee.
Are the tipis sealed?
The tipis are not a sealed space. Critters can get into them—including scorpions, Crickets, spiders… etc. We spray the perimeter of the tipis weekly so no creepy crawlers make their way past the perimeter but we can’t guarantee this because… nature. We keep a bug deterrent in all the tipis in case you have an unpleasant encounter. Please leave the lights off in your tipi when you leave to avoid attracting hill country critters into your tipi.
What happens if it rains?
Traditional tipis have a large hole at the top for airflow, we do keep the tipi “flaps” closed to minimize the amount of water that comes in, and we have also installed makeshift rain gutters to divert the majority of the rain. However, there’s no way to seal the tipis 100% and rain can come in and we can’t guarantee no water will come in. Because of that, we keep the beds covered in tarps before your arrival. In the event it rains, we ask that you please cover the bed back up with the tarp. If you’re concerned with any of your belongings getting wet, just put them under the tarp as well and keep the beds covered while you out and about. Property rentals are rain or shine so please consider our cancellation policy found on our Airbnb page prior to booking. In some circumstances we are willing to reschedule but not cancel for a refund.
What should one pack if staying in a tipi?
Our recommended packing list is as follows: The Hill Country is casual! So pack your comfortable adventure wear. We recommend packing as you would for camping, farm or ranch life. It’s always better to over-prepare. Cooler+ice, disposable cutlery to make life easier, coffee thermos, flashlight, headlamp, bug spray, sunscreen, hat, Bluetooth speaker, charcoal, lighter fluid, water bottles, snacks, s'mores stuff, slippers for inside the tipi, sneakers/boots, fire starter or dry wood in case it rains, citronella candle, swimsuit and towel (if you plan to visit nearby swimming holes), sleep mask (get bright early), earplugs (if you're bothered by nature sounds).
Where is Oeste?
Oeste is located in Dripping Springs, TX well-known as the “Gateway to the Hill Country.” Located just 25 minutes west of Austin, Dripping Springs is home to spectacular natural wonders, historic treasures, unique shopping, eclectic live music venues, exciting rodeos, a plethora of wineries, craft breweries and local distilleries and legendary hospitality. Also, recognized as the official, “Wedding Capital of Texas®,” Dripping Springs is a premiere destination location, as well as being a great base for exploring the rest of the Texas Hill Country. Jump in that car and head this way...Dripping Springs....It All Starts Here.
How rough is the road to Oeste?
If you didn’t already know, we are somewhat “off-grid”, the last half-mile stretch to Oeste is and unpaved, caliche dirt road. We recommend SUV or trucks for getting to the property and discourage low clearance vehicles. We have small sedan and even luxury vehicle has made the trek but it’s not ideal. We do not have any other parking alternatives.